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Education is one driver of community well-being which impacts how an individual or community lives, works, and plays. As a state, our rural communities are often challenged with disparities around educational attainment, and opportunity. Through partnership programs between UNC and community, students in rural communities are finding engagement programs, data illustrates areas of opportunity, and advancement of education priorities.  

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myFutureNC’s mission is to prepare North Carolina for the future by empowering individuals, strengthening communities, and ensuring our economic viability in a global economy. myFutureNC is working across sectors and in communities throughout the state to close gaps in post-secondary attainment, promote alignment between educational programming and business/industry needs, and ultimately improve the quality of educational opportunities for all North Carolinians.

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The Carolina College Advising Corps (Corps) helps low-income, first-generation, and under-represented students apply to and enroll in college by placing recent UNC-Chapel Hill graduates as college advisers in selected public high schools throughout the state. Advisers help students apply for college admission as well as scholarships and financial aid.

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